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For more than 10 years, our company has been on the market of timber harvesting, processing and sawmilling. Limited Liability Company «Vitim-Wood», is the largest, ever-growing trade and production company of the Irkutsk region. The work with our company is reliable and time tested. Our company was founded in 2003.  Our business has consistently increased production by investing in the latest sawmill technology and processing equipment. We ensure that our customers always receive quality timber at the best prices. We succeed when our customers succeed.

Our main value is our employees. We appreciate and respect our employees. The company has created and maintained the conditions for each employee to be useful and productive. We truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business. 

Why choose us

Our forest resource base is located in the Far North of Russia. The period of plant life is very short - only 3-4 months. Because of short life cycle trees that grow on our premises have dense rings of growth and unique characteristics of the fiber. Forest, which is at the disposal of the enterprise, is one of the best in terms of quality characteristics of wood throughout the Russian Federation. The company gives a guarantee of quality. 


The qualities of the Siberian pine are known all over the world. Firstly, the characteristics of the wood have high strength and density, and secondly, an ordered structure: the lack of roll and tilt of the fibers. Siberian pine wood is an absolutely environmentally friendly building material with antibacterial properties. The Siberian pine can be perfectly machined, does not crack when it dries, and also has high insulation.


Siberian larch has a special density (650 kg / m3) and durability. Larch wood is one of the best materials in terms of resistance to external influences. Due to the combination of high density and high resin content, this rock is resistant to rot. In the colour range, larch has 12 shades and it surpasses such breeds as oak, beech, ash and maple. The colours range from light yellow, orange and golden brown. The beautiful texture and silky shine of wood allow not using additional finishing and processing.





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Maximise liquidity for all participants at the best price.

Dimensions according to the customer's requirements.

Plan, implement and control the efficient, effective transportation. 

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